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Victory at PERB & New Horizon

October 29, 2021

Earlier this month, we went toe to toe with Caliber Public Schools at the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) which determined that Caliber broke the law when it:

  1. Refused to offer one of our members a new work contract for the school year in retaliation for his union activities
  2. Surveilled, questioned, and investigated some of our members about the union activities
  3. Ordered our members to refrain from talking about their effort to unionize during school hours, and on campus
  4. Censored emails in the internal system between our expressing support for efforts to organize a union
  5. Denied our rights to union representation

This is proof that when we stand together as workers, educate each other on our rights, and use our collective power we can ensure justice for ALL teachers, staff, students, and families in our Caliber community! PERB is now going to work with us and Caliber management to reach a settlement. Typically, settlements include offers for reinstatement with back pay for our members who faced retaliation, statements of wrongdoing and a commitment to not do so again in the future, along with training for management on workers’ rights, among other things.

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Happy Hour at McBear's

October 7, 2021

Come to our happy hour at McBear’s Social Club 4:30PM Friday October 8th

Happy Hour at McBear's Social Club 4:30PM Friday October 8th

Weingarten Rights Reminder

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Happy End of the 2020-2021 School Year!

June 15, 2021

Congratulations on making it through the one of the most challenging and often mournful school years we’ve had as a community. Undoubtedly it was only made possible by sacrifice, perseverance, and, perhaps most importantly, mutual support between co-workers, students, and parents.

Last week we celebrated this year with each other. Students and parents had distanced promotion parades on the last day of school. We got to celebrate our students’ growth together. Amidst this celebration, we are immensely grateful for the massive support parents offered parents and support staff in the formation of our union. We had many wonderful conversations about making our school the best it can be: lowering class sizes, guaranteeing prep-time, and retaining our staff year to year. Seeing so many parents place our poster in the windshield of their cars as they paraded was truly a special moment for all of us.

Members of the Caliber Workers Union gathered on grass holding a variety of signs in support of teachers and their union.

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Vote on your very first Caliber Workers Union bargaining team!

June 9, 2021

Welcome Caliber Workers to your opportunity to vote on your very first Caliber Workers Union bargaining team. These are your co-workers who will sit across the bargaining table from Administration and fight with you to win demands around the issues that matter most to union members, students, and families! While we fully intend to keep bargaining as open and transparent as possible, these would be bottom liners tasked with making a member issues survey, take notes at bargaining, bring motions, negotiate, mobilize, and tentatively agree to contract proposals before the entirety of membership gets to vote to approve the final contract. We will have an additional round of voting this summer to add more members to the team. You can fill out your ballot at

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We are the union

May 19, 2021

To support our teachers staff and families to build a stronger community. -Elena / I support the union because I believe we are stronger together! Through solidarity, we can validate, affirm, respect, and support our community to reach our full potential. -Elise / I want a Union because to many teachers are leaving year after year and we all need retention. -Lupe / I joined the union for smaller class sizes and for everyone to be protected. -Morgan / I want a Union because I want a safe workplace for everybody. -Danielle / I joined the union to have smaller class sizes. —Jaquelynn / The union is good for the community because it gives the opportunity for educators voices to be heard; that would greatly benefit students and families, the proper representation for negotiations, and will help to create an equitable workplace. There is strength in numbers! -Kimica / I signed because I believe organized labor is the key to our collective health and success as a learning community. I also signed because this union allows Caliber employees the opportunity to demand fair treatment, wages, working conditions, and better benefits. -Eli / We are the agents of change that are teaching by example. The act pillar in action. -Emily / We are stronger, smarter, and better together than we can ever be alone. -Brother Michael / I joined to build stronger bonds among our school community. Families and staff are equally important and a united front is a stronger front. -Jesus / I joined the Caliber Workers Union because our workers, students, and families are what make our school amazing, and they deserve to be empowered. If my students grow up and work for a living, I hope they get to work within a union that protects them and advocates for fairer conditions, and I am excited that Caliber can now lead by example. -Tyler / I joined the union to secure fair and equitable working conditions for ALL staff, and to really ignite the Act Pillar for the whole Caliber community. -Whitney / I’m joining because I stand in solidarity with all caliber staff, students; and families. -Gabi B / I fully support the idea of a Union here at Caliber because of the security for directly making influential decisions through the use of my voice on behalf of staff and for students. The Union serves to magnify and brighten our passion and commitment -Fernando / Every traditional public school has a union—including the high school we share a campus with, and the elementary school down the street! I am a public school teacher, and I’m unionizing to have the same supports and protections, as every other public school teacher! -Gerri

Caliber’s wonderful workers,

We are coming up to a big step for us in Caliber: Beta Academy staff. We have shown Admin that a huge majority of workers at our school have chosen to go union and now they will legally be obligated to bargain with us. While Caliber has until May 20 to provide their list of who they think should count as certificated-staff, we think it’s better to get started and ready to meet. The union is a democracy and every workers’ voice matters in it because together we make up the union. Here is exactly how you can get involved and voice your opinion in shaping the future of our work lives; from fair and transparent disciplinary practices & promotions, class sizes, protected prep-time, to grievance procedures, and more. Let’s build a better school for teachers, support staff, students, and families!

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