Caliber Public Schools Management Recognizes Union of Teachers and Staff

Dear Caliber Workers! (Español)

Caliber Schools has officially recognized the Caliber Workers Union! CEO Terence Johnson’s official correspondence can be found in your Caliber Email with the subject “2022-05-25 Union Communication to Staff/ Comunicado para el personal sobre el Sindicato.” As Terence stated in his email, our next step is to elect a bargaining team for both teachers and support staff at Beta and CMA. We need your help on these next steps by taking the bargaining survey, signing up to be on our committees (bargaining team or member action team) Don’t worry if you feel like you are too new or don’t have experience, one of your peers can help train you. Any and all your help and experience is immensely valuable for lifting each other up!

Below are ways to get involved!


  • Get the word out!
    • Terence and Caliber Schools recognizes the Union and is ready to move forward toward the bargaining process.
    • We want ALL STAFF to be aware of this move, even if they haven’t signed on and that we want their voices to be heard too!
    • Ask staff if they are interested in joining the bargaining committee or if they have any nominations!
  • Take the bargaining survey here and run for a spot on our bargaining team, so we can set priorities for our first union contract!
    • If you have any nominations (or if you want to volunteer) for bargaining team please send your nominations to our email: [email protected]
    • Get your co-workers to take the survey and if they haven’t yet joined they can sign up for the union here
  • Send in Photos to [email protected] to show your support of Caliber Workers!
  • Join the Member Action Team
    • Help us plan socials, rallies, actions, craft nights, social media/newsletters, and help us make sure everyone can stay in the loop!
    • Send in your selfie and quote on why you support organizing for a better school so we can make a giant collage of everyone’s face
    • Help us build parent power to support teachers, staff, and students in our union effort
    • Email [email protected] to get involved.

Together, we are the union!

Caliber Workers Union

Member Textline: (510) 214-2236

Members of the Caliber Workers Union in a classroom showing support for their union

Poster advertising the membership survey at

Poster instructing members to learn more about their rights at

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