Our working conditions are students’ working conditions

Do you have a student at Caliber? Want to get involved?

Two Caliber Workers Union members holding a sign in support of teachers and their union.

Throughout a global pandemic, Caliber’s workers have provided passionate, unwavering support to students and families. In addition to working through these unprecedented circumstances, the workers of Caliber: Beta Academy and Changemakers Academy are making history by becoming the first charter school in Richmond, California to unionize. When teachers and support staff get together and organize parents and students win too!

When it comes to the important decisions relating to your students’ education, we think everybody, teachers and staff, students and families, deserve a voice and say. A union means all of us can come together to envision a better school as we fight for smaller class sizes, guaranteed prep time, and teacher retention. As we all watch students and our community grow, we want to grow together!

Support teachers and staff supporting students by signing up to our Family-Student Action Committee, a petition of community members in support of the workers at Caliber: Beta Academy and Changemakers Academy: