Caliber Public Schools Must Recognize The Union

On Tuesday May 10, 2022 a Senior Regional Attorney with the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) determined that we have demonstrated sufficient support for our union, ordering Caliber management to formally recognize it.

Despite our demonstration of overwhelming support among staff at Caliber: Beta Academy and Caliber: Changemakers Academy, our school’s management has continued wasting thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to resist PERB’s finding in favor of our 190 teachers and staff’s right to have union recognition.

On May 16 we have submitted a letter as a union demanding that Caliber management accept our overwhelming majority vote and not attempt to stall out the democratic process.

Gaining recognition is the start of our process to negotiate new conditions at Caliber. We need your participation to make sure we fight for the changes that are important to you. Get active in the union this week!

Poster advertising how to get involved in the union.

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