Vote on your very first Caliber Workers Union bargaining team!

Welcome Caliber Workers to your opportunity to vote on your very first Caliber Workers Union bargaining team. These are your co-workers who will sit across the bargaining table from Administration and fight with you to win demands around the issues that matter most to union members, students, and families! While we fully intend to keep bargaining as open and transparent as possible, these would be bottom liners tasked with making a member issues survey, take notes at bargaining, bring motions, negotiate, mobilize, and tentatively agree to contract proposals before the entirety of membership gets to vote to approve the final contract. We will have an additional round of voting this summer to add more members to the team. You can fill out your ballot at

* For hourly workers, you can nominate other bargaining representatives for our union this coming summer. If you would like to be on the bargaining team for hourly workers or would like to nominate a co-worker, please write in your name below for the next round of voting or email [email protected].

Last Monday the candidates had a chance to host a discussion with the rest of the membership to talk and answer questions from members about why they want to run and what are the most important issues we are collectively facing as workers.

After voting we will also be creating an organizing committee, responsible for communications and outreach to parents, union member engagement, signing up new workers, and mobilization around actions. This will be our volunteer team that is the backbone and life blood that makes the bargaining team’s job as easy as possible. Remember a union is only as strong as our membership and ability to show we will act together!

This first round of voting will conclude on June 14, 2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The top 9 vote getters that are members of the Caliber Workers Union will be on the bargaining team with the next top vote getters acting as alternates. Currently as the bargaining units are still being worked out at the PERB level we will leave the option for non-certificated hourly support staff to add additional members to a bargaining team sometime this summer.

** Only Caliber Workers Union members, who sign onto authorization cards (or IWW membership cards) are allowed to participate on the bargaining team, vote for representatives, or vote to approve/deny our union contract. So if you have not joined yet, please sign up online at or

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